I am now offering courses available "on demand" in partnership with MediaBistro! You'll enjoy the benefits of my traditional classroom teaching in a convenient online "learn at your own pace" format.

SEO Writing ($99) 

Become an SEO pro.  This course will guide you through the foundations of SEO is and why it’s important and progress into the technical side of writing good online content.

By the end, you’ll know how to your intended audience using key words and analytics, write headlines that work and most importantly, optimize your content to ensure it’s seen and read.


  • Develop a content strategy that includes identifying and audience and distribution channels
  • Use Google Analytics to search trends and evaluate content performance
  • Write smart headlines, implement tagging, linking, and metadata
  • Distribute, market and share your content
  • Stay ahead of changes within SEO practices

Content Marketing ($99)

Skills You Will Learn

  • Identify and evaluate high-quality content from various sources in and outside of your brand
  • Establish your brand's content goals and the right platforms for you
  • Use a 7-step audit process to evaluate, qualify and quantify your brand's existing content, creative and content capabilities
  • Engage additional team members in your content audit and put them to work in generating new assets
  • Write a content brief
  • Utilize content creators both in and out of your organization
  • Hunt down resources and excavate content ideas from them
  • Guide your customers through the content marketing funnel - from entry points to conversions to sales
  • 3-parts of effective content - Hook, Body and Call to Action (CTA)
  • Activate on-going content strategy modifications to keep generating results

Why Take This Course

Content is often times the premier reason a consumer interacts, reacts or engages with your brand - especially when that content that informs, entertains or provides solutions for their concerns. So how do you use your content the right way to capture your customer's attention and keep it long term?

In this course, learn to a build and execute a content plan that will resonate with your audience and ensure they get interested and become loyal. Whether you're a marketer, social media specialist, PR pro or simply oversee your social media content, these lessons will give you effective tactics to quickly build your content library and extract more value [read: make it work across platforms] from every piece you create. The result: an audience that continually consumes your brand's content, in whatever channel they spend the most time.

Skills in 60: Content Management with Wordpress ($49)  

Skills You Will Learn

  • Store and organize your files/pages
  • Create and organize with taxonomy
  • Draft, save, schedule and publish posts with text, image or video content
  • Use metadata and apply basic principles of SEO to content backend
  • Develop and implement tags and taxonomy to your website and content
  • Implement WordPress as part of your ongoing content strategy, develop a skeleton content strategy and use email with your CMS

Why Take This Course

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, powering 35% of US websites. This course will give writers, marketers, content creators and independent bloggers the 101 of WordPress to manage and publish content (and an essential skill to add to your resume).

You will learn how to set up your content structure and publish content in every format, from text to video. You will also learn how to use metadata, taxonomy and SEO tools to keep your website organized and ensure your content is optimized for search. By the end of the course you will feel confident navigating the features of WordPress and managing content publishing for your website or blog.